As a Go Burrito! franchise owner, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a new, groundbreaking burrito concept in the Fast-Casual restaurant sector, the fastest growing in the restaurant industry.

Elements of Fast-Casual Dining

The fastest growing sector in the restaurant industry.

favicon Food orders placed at the counter

favicon Ability to customize meals according to customer preferences

favicon Fresher and a higher quality of food than traditional Quick Service Restaurants

favicon A more upscale and inviting ambiance

favicon An average check ranging from $8 to $15


Categories of Fast-Casual Restaurants

Go Burrito! falls in the Mexican Food category, 26% of Fast-Casual sales.


Go Burrito! Franchisee’s enjoy:

favicon Multi-unit development opportunities.

favicon Best In-Class Support Team who is by your side from the day you sign your agreement.  This includes analyzing demographics to maximize your investment, store build-out and our step-by-step approach to your Grand Opening.

favicon QuickStart Program designed to help you quickly understand the franchise system, achieve a fast start‐up, and realize high productivity. Our QuickStart program focuses on all aspects of start‐up: company formation, licensure approval, site selection, etc.

favicon 4 Phase Training program that provides 70 Hours of Classroom training and 217 hours of on‐the job training; a total of 287 hours.

favicon Seven (7) Volume Operations Manual, 1800+ page that is designed to make it easy for franchise owners to understand and apply our proven system.

favicon Visual Documentation of all key processes using our proprietary and easy‐to‐follow company Instructional Videos and Learning Maps.

favicon POS (Point of Sale) system designed to aid you in managing: store operations, employee schedules, inventory, loyalty program, and payments.

favicon Unrivaled professional brand and materials easily executable at the local level by an experienced third party.

favicon Clear guidance on a wide range of topics with a special emphasis placed on day‐to‐day store operations, product education, and customer service.

favicon Ownership of a unique brand in the most popular, fast-casual Mexican restaurant sector.