Get amped because we’re about to talk burritos, and not just ANY burritos, but Go Burrito! burritos.

When you think about Go Burrito!, think “go bananas” but without the crazy dance jigs and general…You know what, exactly like “go bananas” but with burritos because we hang like that. Go Burrito! is a sun-soaked restaurant that passes up on the traditional, old burrito look—namely those soggy messes that fall apart halfway through eating them and you typically only get one bite out of ten that actually has everything you ordered on your burrito.

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At Go Burrito!, when you order chicken, beef, pork, steak, or veggies, we give you exactly that in every bite through our fluffing technique, which basically means we mix the burrito ingredients to perfection before rolling it up and handing it out. We also press our burritos in a panini grill to seal in all that awesomeness. We’ve got over twenty toppings and we want you to actually taste all of ‘em in each bite, because that’s what you want out of a burrito; stuffed to the gills, full of flavor, packed with freshness.

How is Go Burrito! Different?

favicon Quality & Freshness: Go Burrito is all about our promise to only serve our patrons the best. Vision employees hand cutting free-range chicken and steak, pulling apart pork that was slowly roasted over night, slicing and dicing fresh vegetables, stirring homemade queso on the burner, and mashing Mexican Hass avocado pulp to make fresh Guacamole. We don’t believe in food out of a bag—it’s just not us.

favicon The Grilled Burrito Effect: Go Burrito offers a unique burrito amongst competitors. Why, you ask? Aren’t all burritos created the same? Uh, no! Our burritos are put onto a flat plate panini and slightly grilled on the top and bottom. This helps to keep the burrito together after being rolled and makes it taste even better.

favicon Our Environment: We welcome you to sit back and relax. The beach themed Go Burrito transports you to some tropical island—just pick one—anywhere with white sandy beaches, palm trees, and fruity drinks with little umbrellas is where we want to be.

favicon Taco Tuesdays: Fact-People love tacos and Go Burrito loves tacos, which is why we mix things up every Tuesday in the spirit of the beloved “Taco Tuesday”. We’ve got a slew of taco options, like Thai Shrimp Tacos to Jamaican Jerk Tacos to Blackened Mahi Tacos to Coconut Shrimp Tacos. Did we mention tequila goes hand in hand with tacos?

favicon Fresh Chips: Chips shouldn’t be delivered in a bag, ready to serve. Yes, some restaurants actually do that! At Go Burrito our 100% corn chips are fried fresh every day in store. Golden, crispy, and always warm with a hint of salt.

favicon In-house Salsas and Salsa Bar: Go Burrito also believes that salsas should NEVER come pre-made, which is why we make our salsas in house, every single day. To be exact, we make 9 different salsas. Fresh Pico de Gallo, roasted corn salsa, peach habanero, pineapple express just to name a few. From mild to spicy, there’s a fit just for you. We even have a self-serve salsa bar with 7 of our salsas to choose from and 2oz soufflé cups just for your convenience. That’s right, we aren’t stingy.

favicon Saucy sauces: You obviously catch our theme of offering extensive toppings- so of course we wouldn’t just have regular sour cream only. We make cilantro-lime sour cream, chipotle ranch sour cream, and sriracha sour cream, not to mention home-made ranch and a super “hot hot sauce” packed with habaneros. The possibilities are seriously endless.

favicon Tip Top Toppings: Go Burrito offers a wide variety of toppings that probably won’t be found at most other burrito joints. Like they say, variety is the spice of life. We’ve got at least 20 choices, like red onion, feta cheese, fresh jalapenos, green peppers, spinach, and olives, salsas, and even the tasty super food, Quinoa!

favicon Signature Burritos: If you want to try something that is proven to be delicious, or you just can’t decide, we’ve got a menu with signature burritos. From a Hula burrito filled with pork and quinoa, to a Fajitarito (FA-HE-TA-REE-TOE) with grilled mushrooms, peppers, and onions, we suggest you try them all. We even offer the famous San Diego Burrito-with fries, steak and guacamole, except we took it up a notch with our chipotle ranch sour cream.

favicon Knowledgeable, Friendly Staff: The employees of Go Burrito! are knowledgeable about the food they serve you, and are readily available to help customers figure out what great combination to try next. We love to make your visit a friendly, laid-back experience while you enjoy burritos as big as your head. At Go Burrito we totally believe that happy employees equal happy patrons.